Charleston, Hilton Head, SC and Savannah, GA

Outside of Charleston, on James Island, we stayed at a very large county park – James Island County Park – where the RV park just occupied a small corner of it.  One of the nicest city/county parks we have seen, with an abundant supplies of activities for the park visitor – fishing lake, climbing walls, asphalt walking and biking trails, etc.  Only problem we had there was that as we arrived there was a 12 inch water line break just outside of the park entrance – 2 miles from the RV park.  They said it would be fixed in about three hours, so we proceeded to do our laundry with water we had in our tanks on board the coach, using up most of our reserves.  Three days later, after deciding that the failing fixes to the elbow at the end of the 12 inch line were not working, they tapped into the line a hundred feet back — and we got water.  The park brought in porta-potties and potable water tanks.  We carried three five-gallon buckets to our coach and syphoned it into our fresh water tanks. 

Festival of LightsThe county park was setting up for their Holiday Festival of Lights — all volunteers — but the three mile display range among the top ten in the USA.  Officially turned on after we left, but we could see many of the light displays in the evening while they were testing.  Check our photo gallery for more pictures.

USS YorktownWhile in Charleston, we did a trolley tour of the city, a boat trip to Fort Sumter -where the Civil War started, and fascinating tour of Patriots Point Navel & Maritime Museum — where we toured four ships: Clamagore submarine, Laffey destroyer, Ingham coast guard cutter, and the amazing U.S.S. Yorktown aircraft carrier.  No OSHA or fear of law suits – I was wondering around the engine room and over the propeller drive shaft, up and down steps to narrow walkways – with no one around — mmmm, which way did I come from.

Hilton Head Island Marina and RV ResortAfter our four night stay in Charleston, we drove 106 miles to Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina where we stayed five nights at a nice waterside sight.  We explored Hilton Head Island and the Hilton Head Sun City homes just off of the island – nice homes, liked most of the models, low prices, but we not interested in this area.  We did a 2.5 hour Grayline Trolley tour of the island, but since the island is so divided with Plantations (of homes) we could not see it was informative but not a good as other tours we have done.

DaquiriesWe drove 35 miles over to Savannah, Georgia, where we did another interesting bus tour, and then drove back to Bay Street where we wandered through the stores, art booths, and watch small boat races (small outboard hydroplanes).  Liquor laws are different in some cities.  One business sold multiple flavors of daiquiris, which could be carried out to the street — mmmmm good.

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