Fayetteville NC & Myrtle Beach SC

We drove a long 250 miles and stayed two enjoyable nights at the Fayetteville, North Carolina, Elks Lodge. Boy were they friendly — had a nice welcome kit with maps, things to do, pencil, ruler, etc and tour of the lodge.  We attended they Friday night seafood dinner.  Sunday Airborne & Special Ops Museum Lobbymorning, when we were planning to leave, they came over to the RV, invited us to a table that was waiting for us for breakfast.  30A service, water, cable TV, no sewer.  Swimming pool was closed for the season.  The lodge celebrated their 100th anniversary.  They were voted the All American Lodge (less than 300 members category) for four years in a row.  Best wishes to this Elks Lodge.

We enjoyed the Airborne & Special Operations Museum located near Fort Bragg. (lobby photo above)

View to the south on Myrtle Beach124 miles later we stayed adjacent to the beach at Myrtle Beach Travel Park for a full week, the first part of which was very nice — Herb enjoyed body surfing in the ocean — but much needed rain (for South Carolina, not us) arrived for the last few days.  Myrtle Beach is a mini Branson MO with a half dozen different major production shows also with patriotic endings to each — we got ticket for five of them, listed below in the order of enjoyment (but all were good):

  • Alabama Theater – One The Show.    Fantastic Show, Ricky Mokel as comedian, Songs from the Broadway musical Mary Poppins and other music from Broadway, with a wonderful Patriotic ending. Song by Lee Greenwood, a tribute to the Veterans.
  • Legends in Concert:  Artists Jerry Lee Lewis, Cheer, The Temptations, Garth Brooks and Elvis. Fabulous singing and dancing, with patriotic ending.
  • Live at the Carolina Opry Theater:  Good vibrations The Magic of the 60, 70 and 80’s. Excellent Piano Concertos with theme songs from famous movies from that era. Phenomenal performance by 4 Tap dancers who used to compete recently on “America’s got Talent”. They truly earned their place in this show. And GREAT Patriotic ending. Song: Tie a Yellow ribbon round the Old Oak Tree, then tribute to Veterans with confetti at the end. Show had no intermission.
  • Dixie Stampede dinner and show (a Dolly Parton theater). Along with pre-show. Juggler from Japan. Excellent .  Main show was great and dinner too.
  • The Carolina Opry “Calvin Gilmore Presents".  This one was a Variety Show. Phenomenal performance by 4 Tap dancers who used to compete recently on “America’s got Talent”. They truly earned their place in this show.

Saturday, we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary at Greg Norman’s Australian Grille, voted the best restaurant in the area.

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