Banana Foster

This is a simple recipe that we often use for a B.Y.O.B party — that is Bring Your Own Banana!  It is done on a BBQ.

Take a large sheet of heavy duty foil – approximately 18" wide roll by 24-28 inches.  Fold in half (18 x 12-14 inches.  Fold at a 45 degree angle the two corners nearest the fold, using multiple small folds to create a tight seal.  You now have a "V" shaped container with an 18" opening at the top.  (I will eventually provide a photo here).

Add the following to the pouch:

  • One banana sliced like for cerial
  • Two tablespoons of Kahula (Apple Juice can be substituted for alcohol free version)
  • Two tablespoons of Brown Sugar
  • Two tablespoons of Salted Butter (yes, 1/4 of a cube)

Roll down the top to form a tightly sealed bag.  Shake.  Write you name on the bag if BBQing several.

BBQ for five minutes, turning one or twice.

Over a bowl of ice cream (recommend fairly hard, as the sauce is very hot), have someone hold both end of the triangle top, while you slice an openning in the bottom middle to let all the sauce and bananas slide down the funnel, over the ice cream.


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