St Barbe, NFLD and L’Anse Aux Clair, Labrador, Canada

Ferry to LabradorToday, we departed St Anthony late for a short 70 mile trip to a no-hookup parking facility (St Barbe RV Center) in preparation for our trip to Labrador the next morning. What started as a gloomy day turned out to be a "Large" day with a clear blue sky.

We rolled out of the sack at 6 a.m., departing the RV at 7 a.m. for a short walk to the ferry "Apollo".  Sailing was at 8 a.m. to cross the Belle Isle Straight.  It was a foggy day, but clearing off and on.  We saw several dolphins and seabirds during our 1.5 hour crossing. The Point Amour Lighthouse in Labradorferry which was loaded with some cars through its bow, back in at the dock in Quebec (just a couple of miles from Labrador) to unload.  Our bus that was waiting for us, backed onto the ferry to unload some other overnight visitors, then picked us up for a tour up the road with a northerly 52 mile ride to the end of the asphalt in Red Bay NFLD.

We visited 125 foot Cape Amour Lighthouse – the tallest in eastern Canada – as verified by the many steps we had to climb to reach its top.  The lighthouse has been in use for almost 150 years to help guide ships through the Belle Isle Straights.  The British ship, Raleigh, was not so lucky in 1922, as its captain decided to venture toward the shore for salmon fishing and wrecked his ship — bummer. 

After an excellent lunch at Red Bay, we visited the museum of Basque whaling operations which took place Cut-away section of whaling shipfrom the early 1,500’s to about 1600.  There were nice displays of ships, whaling and barrel making (for whale oil).

We returned to L’Anse Aux Clair (five miles from the ferry) and checked in at the Northern Light Inn, had a very good dinner, and took advantage of the bath tubs in our rooms before retiring for the evening,  We woke early for a buffet breakfast at 5:45 a.m.  The tour bus driver picked us up at 7 a.m. and returned us to the ferry at Blanc Sablon, Quebec, for return to our RVs in St Barbe, NFLD.

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