Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Groups of three to four rigs departed Dunromin Campground on Saturday between 9 and 10 a.m. for a 88 mile trip to the Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground in Lunenburg, NS.  Most of us stopped at Wal-Mart 16 miles before our destination.

At 5:45 p.m. church bells pealed out music, and then a fog horn kept tune as fog rolled up the bay.  At 8:00 p.m. there is a cool mistiness, as the fog thickens over the water, and drifts across our RVs like smoke. 

Did you hear that quiet fog horn from the distance all night? We woke up to some local fog and hefty rain for the first couple of hours this Sunday morning. I witnessed a few die hearts getting up early to attend the local church service. Lunenburg has quite a few beautiful old churches.  A monument at the top of the hill here at this campground explains the names of all the German and Swiss settlers that came to Lunenburg back in 1753.

Fisheries Museum of the AtlanticDriving down a few blocks to the little fishing village is one of the prettiest ones and full of history. We gathered for the "Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic" which is housed in the buildings of a former fish processing plant on Lunenburg’s historic waterfront. The museum celebrates the rich fishing heritage of the Atlantic Coast of Canada. The Millennium Aquarium provides a unique opportunity to explore the strange and fascinating world of the sea creatures, which have been the basis of the Atlantic Coast fishery.   We were told that the bright red paint on the houses by the pier is paint made of cod liver oil and ochre. The cod, once King of the North Atlantic, was also the subject of an informative talk.  I wonder if Home Depot or Sears sells that paint today.

Eastern Star SailboatThe guide tour took a half hour, however we were able to view the rest of the large exhibits on our own. Another couple, Harvey and Sharon shared a light lunch with us at the Grand Banker Seafood Bar overlooking the harbor. Meanwhile the sun came out, but so did the humidity.

It stayed sunny all day long. By 4:30 p.m. we sailed with a 60 foot ketch called "Eastern Star" from our little fishing village Lunenburg for a 1 1/2 hr round trip. The entire boat was chartered for the two dozen or so of us caravaners. No sooner where we outside the harbor, the sails went up and the boat did a list toward one side. For those who were seated on the downward side we held on to dear life so not to slide right out of the boat. The low sideBut a deck hand advised a few of us to sit on the life preservers and to seat ourselves onto the floor with our feet embraced against the floor board of the boat. As we sailed the first half toward the mouth of the bay where it meets the Atlantic Ocean, Bill Witt brought some yummy treats and glasses of champagne with a strawberry for everyone to celebrate two birthdays on board. My, could this get any better?  As we sailed through the bay, we saw spectacular views towards the shore behind us and to all sides. Fishing boats on the water presented even more of a complete picture of perfect scenery.

Jamie, the captainJamie, our teenager on board was asked if he would like to sit next to our Captain and steer the boat back to shore, and so he did. You should have seen the smile on him grinning from ear to ear. We all had so much fun and probably remember this as one of the highlights of Nova Scotia.

Back on shore, most of us that sailed gathered at "Grand Banker Seafood Bar" restaurant for a wonderful dinner. It was another perfect day for "Adventure Caravan".

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