Google Earth – Coming and Going

USA & Maritime Map

We are now 80 percent of the way to Maine (red line) with 3600 miles and lots of experiences (past blogs) under our belts in 45 days, and about 900 miles left to Houlton Maine (green line).  We rushed through the western states as we visit there a lot, and are now ready to enjoy a few days at Niagara Falls this weekend. 

On July 14th, we will join an Adventure Caravan tour, in Houlton Maine, with 21 other RVs for a 2800 mile, 49 day tour of the Canadian Maritime (yellow line) through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edwards Island and Newfoundland.

We will return after the Caravan to Bangor Maine on August 31st from where we will start a 2000 miles trip down the east coast to Naples FL over a 90 day period (not shown) and then back to the Palm Springs California area sometime in December.

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