Traverse Bay, MI

Traverse Bay RV ResortAfter a wonderful uneventful trip from Michigan’s U.P. (upper peninsula), we arrived at a very beautiful Michigan RV resort near Traverse City. This park included the finest amenities. These lots were beautiful and some were still for sale. Needless to say, this was an ownership park. Most every lot had a view to greenbelts or waterfront. The first night we got there, the park had a pizza night for a dollar a slice. On Saturday noon there was the free Potato bash with all the trimmings. And Sunday morning before we departed, we had a wonderful brunch at the clubhouse for just five dollars.  We certainly enjoyed our stay and wished all RV Parks had the same nice settings. 

Traverse City is located on the west side of Michigan on the Bay. Herb and I drove 17 miles on the peninsula, visited a well known winery, and at the northern tip we arrived at the 45 parallel — half way between the north pole and the equator. Herb and I did the tasting and touring of the winery.  Most California wineries do charge for tasting. Not here. Found out that the grape picking is done all by machine that harvest the grapes and then placed into a crusher. They also "feature" hand picked grape cluster wine!!!! 

Herb and I were amazed at the dense forests throughout the state.  Tall, skinny, densely spaced trees.  We would not want try to walk through those forests and underbrush.

Being in Michigan, we found out that just about every other car is a GMC, Ford, Chevrolet or Pontiac. These people really support the auto manufacturers. Towing a GMC, we felt really good about driving through Michigan. -grin-

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