Sept 5th-6th in Prague

Wednesday/Thursday, September 5th/6th, 2012: With Stan and Ester along with us, we drove to San Francisco Airport for a United flight departing at 2 PM. To avoid long term parking, they returned to Roseville with our car, and will pick us up on Sept 23rd. On United, we had Economy Plus seats which offered seven inches more leg room. It made the flight more comfortable. Nine and a quarter hours later (30 minutes early) at 9:15 AM EST (that’s European Summer Time), we arrived in Frankfurt Germany, where we deplaned on the tarmack and were bused to their International terminal. Strange, for such a large airport. Our carry-on bags were inspected again for our Noon departure to Prague on a one hour flight. No need to take off shoes, but I did have to put remove my iPAD and place it in the plastic bin separately. Oh, yes, in SFO, the full body scan required me to be patted down and my money pouch under my shirt was found. I had to take it off, and hand the pouch with $1,000 to them for rescanning. On the other hand, the walk through a “dooor frame” type detector in Frankfurt didn’t detect my under the shirt money pouch. Prague, while it did have an International baggage claim area, did not have any active customs for “checking into the country” — just like our China trip last year. Our driver was waiting for us with a “Strandberg” sign.

20120908-081318.jpgIt was a 30 minute ride to the Prague Hilton. Checked in and crashed for a three hour nap (since it now was late Thursday afternoon). Then we walked 20 minutes into town (Republic Square) where we ate at Kolkovna in their non-smoking section downstairs. Herb ate Pilsen Goulash made from tender beef shin with onion and fresh chili peppers, serve with bread-roll dumplings and potato pancakes (169 Kc = $8.50). Melitta had Moravian Sparrow made with pieces of pork roasted with garlic and onions, served with bread and Carlsbad dumplings, white and red sauerkraut ( 150 Kc = $7.50).

20120908-204319.jpgAfter dinner, as we exited the restaurant, we discovered they had a Gelato freezer stand outside their door. A small scoop on a cone was 25 Kc = $1.25. It was a very nice finish to dinner.

We walked into a grocery store. Noticed items, like a bottle of soda, with a shelf price of 29.90 Kc. That confused me as I thought the smallest coin denomination was 1 Kc. They price their groceries, like we price our gasoline — 90/100th’s of a Kc — so for all practical purposes, the soda was 30 Kc.

The current exchange rate is ONE USD equals about 20 Kc’s. That makes their smallest coin worth five cents in US money.

We returned back to our hotel about 9:45 PM, and checked email using their FREE Wi-Fi in the lobby or free Business Center. They have Wi-Fi in the rooms, BUT WE WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT. Go figure — Hilton Hotels are strange.

All of the streets are safe to walk, even late at night.

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