Medora, ND

I-94 between Billings MT and Medora NDWe drove 280 miles on I-94 from Billings MT to Medora ND, a small town of a few hundred residents.  We followed the Yellowstone River through the beautiful rolling hills of eastern Montana.   Medora is about 25 miles over the MT/ND border, and is on the edge of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park – the North Dakota Badlands.  The hills were alive with bright green grass and unusual rock formations which in some cases looked my pimples on the earth’s crust.

Medora hills near amphitheatreWe arrived on Saturday, June 2nd, and are planning to stay three nights.  Since it was raining Friday, the opening day of the 2007 Medora Musical was cancelled Saturday was beautiful so we took advantage of the great weather and booked a dinner at Pitchfork Steak Fondue, a behind the stage turn of the Amphitheater and the evening show (which became their opening night).

Ribeye steaks on a pitchforkThe nationally famous Pitchfork Steak Fondue is a delight.  Every evening their chefs load ribeye steaks onto pitchforks and fondue them western style in 350 degree oil.  We savored our steaks while overlooking the picturesque badlands from atop a bluff at the Tjaden Terrace, right next the amphitheatre.

We then enjoyed a backstage tour of the amphitheatre before the show, and took our reserved seats for the 8:30 pm show.  The amphitheatre seats over 2800 people — pretty amazing, since the closest large town is Bismarck about 130 miles to the east. 

Hey, It's Party TimeFor more than 40 years, the Medora Musical has been performed seven evenings a week (except rainouts) between the week-end after Memorial Day thru the Sunday before Labor Day.  The high-energy, clean, family western musical extravaganza is proudly dedicated to the legacy of America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, and his time spend in the North Dakota Badlands.  It is an excellent two hour 45 minute show including intermission. Notice the countryside view behind the stage.

Named for the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt National Park covers 110 square miles of breathtaking vistas in the savagely beautiful North Dakota Badlands.  We enjoyed the panoramic vistas and a sense of solitude, inspiration, and timelessness similar to Theodore Roosevelt’s experience in the Dakota Territory in the 1880s.

"Bully", where Theodore Rosevelt comes alive in a one-act, one-actor, 45 minute play, at the Old Town Hall Theater, is outstanding.  You will learn about Theodore Roosevelt as President, father, husband, soldier, and hunter in the North Dakota Badlands.  4 p.m. every day during the summer. 

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