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New York, New York

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Liberty Harbor RV ParkWatch which lane you get into when on the New Jersey Turnpike with an RV towing a car — we could not pick up a toll ticket, so when we got to the exit in Jersey City, we were charge over $24.00, instead of $5.80 for the short trip!  Liberty Harbor RV Park (across from the Statue of Liberty seen in this photo) was waiting for our arrival after driving 123 miles from Connecticut.  This was a convienient RV Park with a water taxi 100 yards away, or a subway five blocks away, from New York City.

View of Manhatten to the southMonday, we did an open top Grayline tour after first taking the subway from Jersey City to 9-11 Ground Zero.  We both have been to NYC in the 1990’s on business trips.  Ground zero is under heavy construction and unfortunately the view was disappointing.  St. Paul’s Chapel, used by the rescue workers, has some very reflective displays.

Tuesday, we met up with our friends (Tom & Millie – we also connected with in boston) who were back in NYC from their coastal cruise.  We attended the play GREASE! — where the stars were selected by their TV Show auditions.  We enjoyed it a lot.  We had dinner after the play and Melitta and I returned to our RV via subway after midnight!

NYC Central ParkAdventure Caravan wagonmasters for our Canadian Maritime trip arrived at the RV Park with an east coast caravan of RVs.  We were invited on their bus tour and to a play with them Wednesday evening, so we extended our stay in the park.  This was very convenient, as the bus came to the park, picked the group up, and took us on the tour and to/from the theater.  The play, "Wicked", was different.  The timeframe lead up to the Wizard of Oz, where you learned how the scarecrow and the tin man were originated.

Thursday, we departed for a 84 mile trip to Marlton Elks Lodge in New Jersey for a stop, and Herb’s birthday celebration, on our way to Washington DC.

Please check out our photo gallery of New York City.

After the Canadian Caravan: Maine to New York

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

We got behind in making BLOG entries, so we have consolidated our seven stops before New York City into one BLOG entry.  More photographs are in our trip gallery at .


Bangor, ME (08/31-09/04/2007)

Final farewell party

The 49 day Canadian Maritime caravan came to an end with some of the RVs converging on the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort for a five day stay after a 176 drive from St John, New Brunswick.  We stayed at this RV Resort a for a few days before the folks converged in Houlton, ME for the start of the caravan.  Revisited Bar Harbor and Cadillac Mountain plus Arcadia national Park with some new friends from our Caravan.  Came together for a final post-farewell pot luck and celebrated Melitta’s birthday on this Labor Day weekend. 


Kennebunkport, ME (09/05-08/2007)

Drove 148 miles to Red Apple Campground in Kennebunkport ME.  Explored the area of Kennebunk, and Kennebunkport, where President George Bush Sr lives in the above home.  We enjoyed frequent walks on the beaches, and searched out a couple of light houses.  Still winding down from the great Canadian Maritime caravan.  At the campground we enjoyed the local music and singing which the park held in the club house.  Herb had to get up and sing part of "If I We A Rich Man" from Fiddler On The Roof.


Salisbury, MA (09/09-11/2007)


Traveling 53 miles to Beach Rose RV Park.  It was rainy upon our arrival, but was the first time they had rain for more than a month! Exploring the coast and an afternoon visiting to Newburyport, with the charming store fronts and brick sidewalks shown above. The park was not a good site for DirecTV, but our Datastorm satellite 91 seem to clear the trees.  The park had cable, but we love the DVR feature of our DirecTV which can automatically capture our favorite shows while we are gone.


Foxboro & Boston, MA (09/12-14/2007)

Boston Tour

Moving on to Foxboro, MA, a suburb of Boston, after travelling 101 miles.  The first full day there we drove over to Plymouth, MA to see the Mayflower II (50 year old replica), and Plymouth Rock and Plantation.  Herb was there exactly 50 years prior with his parents on a "around the USA vacation", just after this Mayflower arrived from England.  We did the mandatory visit to Plymouth Rock (1620), toured the town of Plymouth and went a few miles south to the Plymouth Plantation where the docents are in period costumes.  (A post note:  When we later got down to Williamsburg, we learned they arrived in 1607 in Jamestown.  These folks brought their Church of England religion with then, whereas the Plymouth pilgrims were fleeing the Church with their own religious beliefs — check out our Williamsburg blog dated 10/18/2007).

The above picture was taken the second full day in Boston.  We picked up our friends (Tom & Millie) when their cruise ship docked for the day.  Our previous arrangement was to hire a private docent guide (pictured above) for the full three hour walking tour of the Boston Freedom Trail.  It was worth sharing the $225 expense for the personal attention (instead of a group of up to 40 people).  We ended the day with a water taxi across the bay, a ground taxi to their ship, and for Melitta and I, a bus and subway trip to the suburbs where we drove back to the RV Park.


Cape Cod & Hyannis, MA (09/15-17/2007)

Edgartown on Martha Vineyard

The next day we drove 71 miles to Hyannis, MA, on Cape Cod, and stayed at the Hyannis Elks Lodge for three nights.  We used this as a base for exploring Cape Cod all the way to its tip, President J. F. Kennedy’s Museum, and having fun helping the Elks Lodge tie up a whole pig for roasting on a spit — which we ate for dinner the next evening. 

The ferry ride over to Martha’s Vineyard along with a bus tour around that island was very enjoyable.  The above photo is a picture of the Edgartown Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard.


Narragansett, RI (09/18-20/2007)


We drove 107 miles over to the Fisherman Memorial State Park in Narragansett, RI, for three days, from where we visited one of the nations largest casino, and Newport, where we boarded on a bus tour and walked the Cliff Trail by the mansions.  Above is a shot of the music room in "The Breakers (Cornelius Vanderbilt II and Alice) 70 room villa".


Branford, CT (09/21-22/2007)

A couple of kick-back days at the Branford Elks Lodge before we head to New York City.  There was a little surprise as we followed the published instructions in the Elks Lodges RV Parking book.  It wanted to take our 12’10" coach under a 9’6" overpass.  Fortunately, there were enough automated warning lights to detour us off that local road onto a side neighborhood road from where we pulled over and called the lodge for alternative instructions (since we could not easily turn around).  I provided the publication with new direct instructions (without the three mile detour we had to do).